Invicta specialises in identifying and delivering self and custom build opportunities to enable the delivery, design and construction of exceptional rural homes, custom designed and delivered by local custom-builders through our conception-to-completion model. We have established a team of experienced professionals and engaged with market leaders in the sector, to deliver this vision.

Our business model is new and innovative and enables a freedom in housing design and delivery, whilst our ultimate product, small-scale sensitively-designed rural housing, is of a scale and type befitting of rural communities.  Our proposals are in keeping with the tried and tested way of delivering small-scale housing growth in such communities, by preserving the character and values of rural communities to ensure they remain such vital, thriving and attractive places to live, work and visit.

The number of small scale local builders in the UK has been in decline for many years. The decimation of the sector has been of major concern to the Government for a host of reasons:

  • It has left housing delivery in the hands of a small number of major housebuilding companies who have demonstrated an inability to adequately respond to the scale of the housing crisis facing the country;
  • It has damaged rural communities by reducing the amount of local builders, tradesmen and small businesses specialising in bespoke building styles characteristic of the area;
  • It has arguably led to more uniform building design and appearance, resulting in a one-size-fits-all housing product that has created a stigma to new development, especially in rural areas.

In tandem with this decline in small local housebuilders, the UK has witnessed a stagnant and modest self-build sector compared to commensurate countries, with the UK suffering from one of the lowest ratios of new homes: new self-build homes in Europe at a time when the both the US and western European countries have been able to transform their housebuilding sector, in part through the emergence of popular and successful custom-build and self-build housing models.

Given these trends, the Government has intervened to assist the self and custom build sector over recent years through a combination of primary legislation (the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act and the Housing and Planning Bill) and planning policy formulation (the National Planning Policy Framework and associated National Planning Practice Guidance). The effect of this policy stimulation and incentivisation of the sector should hopefully serve to generate new businesses in the custom-build sector and the emergence of self-build as a popular and desirable lifestyle choice. Invicta Self and Custom Build is one such business that has been formed directly in response to the Government stimulus of the sector and focuses on the higher end of the self-build market to create aspirational rural self-build housing opportunities.

Our team recognised this and felt that we had the expertise and opportunity to enhance these aspirations.  It was because of this that the four founding members of Invicta formed our specialist company to not only help people to deliver new homes for themselves, but also work with landowners to provide suitable site opportunities to meet these aspirations.

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