Our company’s ethos is to work closely “with” landowners to bring their sites forward for self and custom build opportunities.

We offer an alternative to the traditional “house-builder” type approach, offering a new and innovative way to release land for development, without the need for the provision of affordable housing, whilst delivering self or custom build opportunities for the local community with a unifying design code to ensure great development.

We want to deliver the highest quality product of self-build property and so we are naturally drawn to the highest quality areas; areas that offer a superb lifestyle with good infrastructure, active communities and attractive environments. Because these are the fundamental components that inform the location of our developments, we are naturally committed to protecting and enhancing these aspects through our developments. Our developments will simply not succeed unless we are able to do this.

Our approach recognises the current support and drive towards greater choice and the provision of more self and custom build opportunities, and offers a bespoke approach to each land owner to promote their site in recognition of this need.  This flexibility is a true alternative to the traditional land promotion approach and allows us to balance the needs for each scheme and work in true partnership with landowners to promote sites in line with their specific needs and desires.

We work in an open and flexible way with landowners and the local community and Parish Council to ensure that the sites which we bring forward are sensitive to the surrounding area and reflect the needs of the local community. Our sites are progressed on the basis of a high level design code to set the standards for the site as a whole, and are directly managed by our team to ensure these high standards are met and preserved.


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